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In our market today


We wanted to tell you, that we LOVED opening our market at 35 West Main Street this year!    We are sad to tell you that we are, temporarily, closing starting Monday 3/26.   There are a couple of reasons we are initiating this now,  but despite this decision,  we are humbled and proud of our year here and wanted to share these accomplishments in this note:

·      We sold considerably more than the goals we set for ourselves in our initial business plan.

·      We have had 6,200 DIFFERENT customers purchasing at our store this year.  Thousands of which returned on a regular basis.

·      After 14 years of catering, our catering business increased 66% in one year since opening our market.   We have over 1,000 catering customers.

·      Each day we partner with  “Peninsula Food Runners”  to send our day old food to people that are hungry & homeless in our community.

·      We work closely with “Community Integrated Work Program” to employ several crews and job coaches.

·      We were honored by the California State Senate and Assembly recognizing our family, and market, as “Employer of the Year for Northern California”.

·      The Town of Los Gatos, and the Mayor, recognized us with a Small Business Award (and the kindest words), at the Town Council Meeting, commending our service.

·      Our AWESOME employees helped us earn Northern California Employer of the year for people with disabilities from the San Andreas Regional Center

I wish I could articulate how fortunate Justin, Tessa, Moises, Meg, Zach and I feel for having given this Market our all!   Even with this less than fortunate current situation… we are so glad that we went for it!    It’s been very special to witness daily… all of the kindness that customers demonstrated towards our employees and the appreciation of all the detailed effort we put into our product.

Thank you very much for enjoying Culinary Courier & Market.  Hope to see you soon!